Friday, 21 November 2014

I'll shake my pom poms if I want to...

Friday - Yay!!! I love Fridays & Pom Poms :) I hope the week was bliss for you dolls, as promised here I am with my Dandy Candy pom pom earrings from Pom Girl, don't you just love them!?! Their so fun and fluffyyyyy! They make me dream of oodles and oodles of cotton candy (candy floss) all ever so delicious and sweet! I also enjoy how they swing back and forth when I wear them as well, haha! These sweet colours make me happy, I'm addicted to the Pom Girl earrings, soon I will have my own little collection! With the dull dreary weather setting in for many of us, it's a fun way to bring some extra cheer to your outfits. Such a perfect way to stand out & show the world how awesome you are ;-) I hope you enjoy, be sure to check out Pom Girl out for wonderfully fluffy happy treats! Have a great weekend dolls,

Loves & Loves

{Dress - Lashes of London ; Dandy Candy Pom Earrings - Pom Girl ; Bunny Brooch - Clairey Lou Creations ; Pastel Bracelets - Serena Kuhl ; Cardigan, Socks & headband - Primark ; Icecream Necklace - Ebay ; Shoes - New Look}

Sleepy Bunny...Love  something else that makes me happy is my bunny's the cutest bunny on earth. I love it's little lashes, it would be perfect if lilac coloured bunnies really existed, but bunnies themselves do, so that makes me happy all the same! Made by the amazing Clairey Lou Creations (I posted about her shop here). Just so perfect!

I love these pom poms...they're soooo fluffy! Also can you see the little hearts on my dress at the waist!?! Love these details ♥ 

Never too old for My Little Pony socks and sparkly jelly shoes 

Above: I realized bunny and I are making the same face...looking the lashes on the bunny, so sweet 

{All photos take by Gorgeous Gavin}

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

{Label Love} Pom Girl

Happy Wednesday dolls!!  Pom poms & all things fluffy have quickly taken over the worlds of many style lovers all over the place. You don't have to go far to see someone sporting pom pom earrings, for a while I admired them from afar, thinking how fun and sweet they were, but never buying any for myself. That is until I wandered upon Pom Girl one random day, luckily for me I happened to catch them at their beginnings and been in love with them ever since! It's like going to a candy store & getting your favourite sweets, their fun, their happy, and have just the right amount of attitude for good measure. These are for girls who like to stand out from the crowd & say this is me, I am who I am! I also love the fact of Pom Girl being started by a girl - one girl in fact! Girl Power all the way.
They remind me that life is meant to be fun, creative and by all means colourful too! To be daring, confident, all attributes that never go out of style or age. You know you need fluffy-ness in your life, below are some of my favourites from their older line & just released new line as well. Be sure to check out their website for more goody goodies!! You'll see me rocking my own pair on Friday, unless you follow me on Instagram & Facebook, you would have seen a preview :) Also after the photo jump, read my interview with the fantabulous creator of Pom Girl herself - Louise! 

Have an awesome day dolls,
Loves & Loves

POM GIRL: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

Photos taken by: Ema Crompton  &
Eilidh Grant Fashion Photography 
All photos here used with permission.

Interview with Louise - Creator of Pom Girl

How did Pom Girl get started?
I started Pom Girl after I lost my grandfather who I was very close to, it gave me the drive to do something different and this was during the summer in May 2014. I had previously worked in a nightclub and within the first week of launching Pom Girl, I quit!

With pompom earrings and fluffy-ness being a huge fashion trend at the moment, is there anything that you try and do to stay original or different?
I'm always introducing new colours and styles to Pom Girl & they spring from Pop culture, for example our 'Inspired by Miley' collection which is out now! I think it's useful to look at other brands and learn/develop from what they're doing as well. 

Do you remember the first pom poms or item in general that you made yourself?
Yes, I was volunteering teaching kids art and design, where I held a pom pom making activity, so that's where I made my first pom pom!

What are your inspirations?
My initial inspirations for Pom Girl are: Audrey Kitching, Henry Holland and Doe Deere. I take inspiration now mainly from artwork, social icons and other high end brands.

You're a made to order shop, do you have a team that helps with the poms/getting them out or is it just you?
It's just me :)

If the Pom Girl brand had it's own planet, what would this planet look like?
It would be pink and gold, the species would be 'Pom Girls' and they would all walk around wearing poms and being fabulous. They'd eat chocolate waffles on a daily basis and it would rain glitter - pretty sickening really! 

Do you feel accessories are just as important as the clothes you put on?
I do, I think we all splash out on accessories and a good sale just as much as we do on clothing! Accessories finish an outfit and I would say if you're buying 'Pom Girl' accessories, it's to make a statement!

And lastly, how would you like to see your brand expand as time progresses?
I have plans for Pom Girl's logo to be used more within the products to get the name out there, I'm also determined for Pom Girl to have her own shop on Brick Lane - London within the next 5 years!!

Thank you Louise for the interview:)