Friday, 27 March 2015

Friday Favourites!!

Happy Friday darling dolls!! I hope the week has gone well for you!?! The weather has been up and down and my sinus are now getting messed with because of it, so let's hope the sunshine comes back. But, here once again are some favourite things from my week, I hope you enjoy them & I will see you back here on Monday!!

Loves & Loves

~ Favourite Quote of the week ~ 
You have a masterpiece inside you, too, you know. One unlike any that has ever been created, or ever will be. And remember: If you go to your grave without painting your masterpiece, it will not get painted. No one else can paint it. Only you.
Gordon MacKenzie.

This amazing bunny necklace made by my dear friend Meli of bunnies so much and this is just too perfect for wearing with spring dresses and on Easter. I loved the use of pink pearls with it as it's like a touch of elegance, Meli is such an amazing talent, I really love her brand so much!! You can find this bunny hopping along here

A dress I wouldn't mind to be wearing just Marchesa...all the flowers on it, it's just too perfect!! I love it so :))

One of Bink's from Pearls & Swines latest creations, this vintage inspired headpiece! Bink has had no formal training and all that she creates is purely from her creative imagination and I think that's amazing, she's a fantastic talent and I adore seeing what she'll create next. I just love this one as I think when it catches the light, it would sparkle perfectly like glitter!! 

You know that I am crazy for quirky bags and this one is so sweet...look at this face!! Haha...reminds me of the 80's, such a cute little robot face, I love it!! You can find him on Asos!!

And last but not least, another outfit that I wouldn't mind wearing, this of course would be my day outfit, it's just too cute, I love the sweet hat & shoes too! This is from Sretsis AW2015-16. Love this label, one of my favourites.