Wednesday, 1 October 2014

He says he loves my pretty attitude...

Hello dolls, I hope the week has started off well for you, happy 1st of October! I'm pleased that you enjoyed the Pretty Attitude shop, they kindly sent me this choker necklace that I'm wearing today! It was quite a surprise really as I was really only emailing them to ask if I could use their photos for the blog post (as I always do with companies) and they then offered me a necklace of my choice!

This is their 'Sweet Love Laced Choker, it's so gorgeous, I barely feel like I have it on as it's really light. It combines some of my favourites, such as lace, ribbon and pearls. I can wear it with a multitude of outfits and styles, I love it a lot. For this look, I decided to mix soft and edgy together with the velvet jacket, black leggings and boots. Perfect for when the weather is a bit in-between as it is here just now. I hope you enjoy it, have a stunning day my dears.

Loves & Loves

{Dainty Boudoir}Velvet Jacket: New Look (old) ; Lace Choker: c/o Pretty Attitude ; Leggings: Ebay ; Earrings: c/o ; Top & Hair wreath: Primark ; Boots: Old.

{Photos taken by Gorgeous Gavin. Please do not use without my permission, thank you}

Monday, 29 September 2014

{Label Love} Pretty Attitude

There are always two sides to everything, sometimes a bit lighter, sometimes a bit darker. Both existing with each other in harmony, both needing the other to feel balanced. The same is also needed at times in fashion, some people like prefer wearing bright colours and others enjoy the darker ones. Both equally amazing and exactly what I loved about fashion label Pretty Attitude, they have recognized the needs of women as individuals in need of expressing themselves, that sometimes you want to look sweet & elegant but still in an edgy way. 
The shop is split into a 'White Label' & a 'Black Label', each giving different personalities something awesome and stunning to wear. Personally, it's perfect, as I like to jump between both moods and each label gives plenty to love. 
Pretty Attitude began in 2011 with just a handful of jewellery designs and over that time become something much more, hardly do you ever see a shop cater to different mindsets and feels, it's usually one or the other and that for some can put them off even having a look, but seriously, I found plenty from both labels that I definitely have on my wish list. 
Best of all, I love their motto of 'living your passion on a daily basis, to dare to be yourself and to live your life your own way', this is very important to me as there are too many fashion labels that only end up destroying self esteem and self-belief because they project a motto of, 'You have to look like us to look good in this', they project their idea of beautiful on people and it's refreshing to see a label project such positivity to just be yourself and enjoy the clothes and accessories they provide. 
Below is just a taste of the gorgeous items that I love from their store, please do have a browse yourself, because there is plenty more. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. They ship from the USA & Internationally too, so no need to worry about treating yourself, the prices are quite reasonable too - another bonus!

Have a marvellous Monday my dolls
Loves & loves

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{All images used with permission from Pretty Attitude. Do not use/alter without permission}