Monday, 1 September 2014

Sail Away with me.....

Hello, hello am back!! My computer is working at the moment, just in time for Share in Style - Sailor Themed. Since Sacramento and I share the same birthday this Friday, we thought it was the perfect timing to be partners. I love anything with a nautical theme to it, so this was perfect for me to do. If you want to join in, just add yourself below and visit some of the other themed looks as well!! The more the merrier. I hope you enjoy, I'll be around to catch up on blogs today.

Loves & Loves

And here is my marvellous partner Sacramento in her sailor - nautical themed look...she looks absolutely gorgeous!!

I have many family and friends that have served in the Navy and are at the moment serving in the Navy, far away from their families and loved ones...and there are thousands more over the years that the world has lost out at I would like to remember them & all their hard work and sacrifice they've given. The place that I took these pictures is a memorial for the Free French Naval Forces who sailed from here in 1940-1945 & gave their lives in the battle of the Atlantic for the liberation of France & the success of the allied cause.

Monday, 25 August 2014

Dainty Streethearts....

Happy Monday baby dolls, I hope your weekend was bliss!! It was lovely and sunny here, so wonderful to relax in. I took a long walk on Saturday to get the blood moving and it felt great, I slept wrong and I've had a sore neck for a while, but to get out in the fresh air helped a lot. I'm taking my youngest to school for the first time today, so I'll be away this morning, but will catch up with your blogs when I return. Here's some of my favourite looks recently to share with you all today.

Happy Monday beauties!

p.s. my internet has been acting up lately, so if it takes me a while to reply or come to your blog, this is why. I'm going to be changing my internet provider as soon as I can. Wooop!

Sacramento from Mis Papelicos . She looks like a tropical goddess, I love this dress a lot! Basking in lots of confidence and perfect!! One of my favourite bloggers & friends too, always there to give you lots of encouragement & cheer. Without a doubt, fashion and creativity is in her spirit and you can feel that passion in each post.  She's become more like family and not just a friend over the time of knowing each other. I can't wait for the day to see each other face to face. There are very few genuine people in this world, but she is definitely one of them. Also, our birthday is coming up very soon - yes Sacramento and I share a birthday :)))) Loveeee <3

Alexandra from AlexandraMetalClown, a beautiful gem I discovered on Instagram, I love seeing her pictures, as each one explodes even more than the first one and she's incredibly sweet too. Tons of creativity and sparkle, definitely someone that dances to her own beat. And I loved this outfit so much, a cotton candy (candy floss) dress - made by her own hands, in fact everything she's wearing was made by her own hands except the shoes. She's marvellous :)

Jenny from She Loves Dresses. What can I say about Jenny, I love her, I really do!! She's a dear friend and we spend every day chatting away on Instagram. If you love vintage dresses - this is the girl for you! Or even love dresses in general, every day she has on a dress that's even more perfect than the one before & I sit about making plans to come and swipe them from her wardrobe, haha! But, besides her amazing dresses and outstanding head gear - flower crowns, flowery antlers (yes, no joke) bear ears and others...she's an incredible girl full of heart and compassion for life and those around her. We both share the same views about the world, being the glamorous Feminists that we are. She has a heart of gold or cotton candy - most likely both to be honest!! I adore her completely - she just recently started a blog - so please please go and check it out (link above) there's some really amazing pictures & words on there. She's not just a beautiful face, but someone who exudes beauty from within and that to me is most precious and important. 

Kate from Scathingly Brilliant . If you love pastels, Kate has just what you need, there isn't anything she wears that I don't want to go out and buy myself. Incredibly sweet and beautiful style. This Modcloth dress is perfection, I love it a lot..the sleeves are my favourite. Topped with her happy pink hair is just wonderful to see. I really enjoy her blog, I've been reading for a long time. She's very talented and creative to boot as well. 

Georgina from Cupcake's Clothes. Amazing girl, not only do I love her dress, but also Georgina is a favourite name of mine too. She's gorgeous and it's always great to see someone so creative that can make their own clothes, like this outfit she is wearing - she indeed made it herself. I love that I can find gals all so different from each other and creative too. Such a doll :) 

 Kailey from Mermaidens below, many of you may know or have heard of her already, her blog is awesome. It's been one of my favourites for a long long time now - though I only just started commenting as I was too shy to comment before. But, Kailey is gorgeous and always has something on that I just adore. Plus, if I could get away with pink hair, I would. A gorgeous mermaid indeed, wearing one of my favourite pieces from Lady Petrova as well :) 

{All images are copyrighted to their owners, thank you}