Tuesday, 16 December 2014


Hello beauties!! I hope your week has started off nicely!! Sorry to start the week off today, but I was a little behind as the weekend was draining, my neighbours decided to have a party on Saturday that lasted until 5 in the morning, so sleep was scarce. Then my youngest wasn't the happiest of people all day Sunday, so we were left a little drained. But, happily, this is the last week of school and it will be holiday time, so I am grateful for that. Still lots to wrap and do, but I wanted to share some bits and pieces of life lately. I'll be back here on Thursday, right now I'm going to visit all of your blogs & catch up with all of you!! Have a great day my sweeties!

Loves & Loves

P.S. Some of you will recognise some of these from Instagram...be sure to join me there, if we don't follow each other, let me know!

Above: A throw back picture to when I was like maybe 6 or 7. My nephew sent me this. I was at my Auntie's house with my older sister. We had been to Florida with them, so my hair was cut short (which made my mom mad) I am slightly away from the cats because they aren't really my thing, haha!! I remember this outfit as well, I loved it. The little colours on the shoulders were velcro and you just pulled it apart and the whole shorts suit came off. Hahaha...the 80's through to the early 90's when velcro was everything!!

Above: I received a marvellous package from my friend Lara, she lives in Finland & blogs here, she had bought these My Little Pony hair clips from H&M and I thought my girls would love them, I don't get to the H&M here very often, so she kindly offered to get them some (and *cough* me too) and she also sent along some little sweets for them as well, soooooo lovely...the girls loved these to bits, they are crazy for My Little Pony, we'll be sending Lara a little package soon too of treats :)) Lara is a sweet friend & loves things like this just as much as we do :) 

A tote bag I got at Primark...my husband had told me about it & thought I would love it and of course I did, so I can use it to carry stuff home from food shopping or whatever I need. I shared it on insta and promised to show what the back looked like as well. The above picture is the front & the below picture here is the back. It's super cute, I love unicorns :) (Don't worry, Tomo isn't jealous...he says the more Unicorns the better *wink*)

A little peek at part of my Christmas Tree...I love the little heart-shaped ornaments on it...my girls decorated the tree, they did a marvellous job :)

I needed new gloves for the cold and found these, they have sweethearts all over them....so cute :)) 

My Christmas Jumper, haha! I hadn't bought one in years, but saw this one & couldn't resist. It's the softest jumper I've ever had, seriously...so lovely!

Above: This mega fluffy clutch from Smoke & Mirrors, it's huge and soooo fluffy!! Perfect gift to grab for yourself or someone you love. My favourite colour as well...my husband grabbed one for me, so sweet :) 

And last, but not least, Below: This suit worn by singer Jenny Lewis....it's amazing!! No idea who made it, but I think they've made her a variety of things with a similar theme. It's absolutely perfect - Dainty Doll Dream Suit :)

Thursday, 11 December 2014

Savage Beauty!

Hello dolls!! How is your week going!?! Well, I hope, it's been wonderful so far. Recently, I was contacted by Caitlin from Farfetch asking if I would like to share these Alexander McQueen illustrations with all of you, of course I couldn't say no, with Alexander McQueen being one of my favourite designers. These illustrations run through 10 of Alexander's most ground breaking shows, anyone who loves fashion will recognize them straight away and what an impact they had on the fashion world. These are especially great to share with the run up to the V&A exhibition - Savage Beauty that is coming up in London. 
As you can see below, these are quite something to see, I can't help but be drawn into another world as McQueen had such a talent for doing - shaking things up & giving the unexpected. When I think of art as fashion and fashion as art, he is one of the first to come to mind. I always enjoyed that he wasn't afraid to ruffle some feathers and pave his own path instead of following along like everyone else. 
His art work dripped of drama and oozed dark decadence, shocking yet so intensely beautiful, you couldn't take your eyes off them. I'm happy that I was alive in time to be transfixed with his amazing talent...though very sad he is no longer with us. But, I believe his spirit and heart live on through these creations & if you happen to be lucky enough to be in London at the time of this spectacular event, please go and be entranced with them in the flesh, I would love more than anything to see them...maybe one day!! Click the picture to see it larger - I can't pick a favourite as I love them all & take something different from each. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do dolls, have a great weekend!

Loves & Loves

{Collection Run-down of the Illustrated pictures}

Autumn/Winter 1995 season - where this controversial collection is considered his breath-through, pushing the boundaries with a visual representation of England devouring Scotland's resources. 

Spring/Summer '98 Untitled (Golden Shower - the name was scrapped after his sponsor raised objections) Presented at a bus depot in Victoria, the rain poured in through the ceiling onto the catwalk. The ribcage corset - cast from human skeleton, remains one of his most iconic pieces today!

Spring/Summer '99 No.13. McQueen emphasised Fashion as an art form. The climax of the show was Supermodel Shalom Harlow being spray painted live by two mechanical robots whilst turning on a revolving platform.

Spring/Summer 2001 - the Voss Asylum show was one of the most famous catwalk shows in history, Alexander started the show an hour late, so the audience were forced to look at their own reflections for an hour, this served as the focal point of the show.

Spring/Summer 2005 - 'It's Only A Game' Here Alexander turned the runway into one giant game chess, the models took their place on his futuristic chessboard and represented a piece to bring the game to life.

Autumn/Winter 2006 - 'Widows of Culloden' inspired heavily by his families Scottish roots, there were bagpipes and lots of tartan. Maybe best remembered by the ever haunting hologram video of Kate Moss that closed the show.

Spring/Summer 2008 - 'La Dame Bleue' Alexander gave a wonderful tribute to his dear friend and incredible talent Isabella Blow, who had died the year before. Inspired by her personal wardrobe and on the catwalk, the models walked through a huge set of metal angel's wings.

Autumn/Winter 2009 - 'The Horn of Plenty' This proved to be his most ambitious and extravagant projects. The runway was a scrapyard of props from previous shows and the models wore bold statement pieces with clown-like faces as they took to the stage.

Spring/Summer 2010 - 'Plato's Atlantis' This depicted an apocalyptic world after an ecological meltdown. Robotic arms flew up and down the runway while recording a live stream. The models walked in armadillo shoes whilst Lady Gaga's Bad Romance played.  

Autumn/Winter 2010 - 'Untitled' At the time of his suicide, McQueen was putting together finishing touches to this collection. It was presented privately in Paris to the same soundtrack that McQueen had listened to while he worked on his elaborate creations, the show's notes read: "Each Piece is Unique, As was he"