Wednesday, 17 September 2014

The Bag Lady

I love bags, you've seen a few of the ones I own in outfit posts here and there. Sometimes as soon as I'm done buying one, I find another that goes on my list that I wish to buy. Most of mine are vintage, but I do like to mix modern quirky ones in there as well. I blame my Mother, she always had lots of bags and changed them regularly while growing up, so I have developed the same taste for it. So I thought I would share some of my online favourites at the moment. 
One type of bag I LOVE very much is novelty bags! If it's shaped like a cupcake, unicorn, heart, fluffy, has eyes or some other quirky feature, I am all over it like gravy!! I think it's the perfect way to add some quirkiness and fun to your outfit without going overboard.
If I'm with my children, I tend to look for something that has a great colour to it, versatility and easy to carry as well as not costing me the earth - because it might end up being used as something to toss around, get sticky hands all over it & everything else with children.
All of these bags below come from companies that ship worldwide, so if you like them, you can treat yourself. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do & wish you a happy day dolls. 

Loves & Loves

This clutch just purely makes me smile, the monster face is precious and it's also perfect for the upcoming Halloween season. Who doesn't love a sweet monster face like this!?! I love it. You can find this one here. Rawwrrr...!

Bags like this one here are a life saver when you are travelling with or without children. I can pack masses in here and carrying it on my back keeps my hands free for shopping or talking on my phone or sitting in my lap while in the car or train. I love this cat face and ears, it stands out without being obnoxious, just very sweet :) Plus, it's made of soft material, so you could lay your head down on it if your the passenger or sitting somewhere. You can find this one here. Meoww!

I thought this one was cool, I love the cut-out design, it has a long shoulder strap as well as short handles. There's a compartment inside so none of your belongings will get lost. I'm ever intrigued by this design. Comes in three different colours as well. Check it out here.

Who wants a dougnut?? I do...lots of them & this one won't go straight to my back side or hips, haha!! I could have clutches in the shape of all kinds of foods, it would be amazing. I most definitely have my eye on this one. You can see it here.

It was the colour that struck me first, so deep and rich like berries. Perfect alternative to classic red tones. This berry fuchsia shade will compliment any outfit during the autumn season. I know most put away bright colours in the Autumn/Winter time, but this is spot on for keeping strong colours all year round if you don't want to have pastels or lighter colours in Autumn/Winter. Find this beauty here. Plenty of pockets and room for all your needs. Adore the colour and shape so much!

Yes, there had to be a heart-shaped item somewhere in here! This one combines other favourites, like flowers and painting-like fabric designs. Utterly perfect and dreamy for day and night. Has a long chain for easy carry as well. You can see this one here. So dainty & Sweet!

And yes here we are, something to wash down that delicious donut with...a Strawberry Milkshake Clutch - Perfect, because you know the milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard or so the song goes, ha! I like that it's not some small little thing either, a good size to get a good effect of it's shape. Go casual with it wearing jeans and a tshirt or glam it up with a gorgeous dress or skirt ensemble for the evening (or if you're me, you're already wearing a dress or skirt, haha) See it here.

I'm mad about fluffy bags, well anything fluffy to be honest and these bags are really cute. I also appreciate the long chain, so I can wear it over my shoulder and have my hands free with the shopping or keeping my youngest from running off. Soft and so cute, this bag also comes in 4 different colours. So flufffyy! You can find it here.

I tend to use Tote bags like this for my shopping, quick and easy way of getting all my food and other shopping items home without other bags breaking on me (plus it's more reusable for keeping the planet clean). Relatively inexpensive....I loved this one for what it says...that is me :)

Bright Fuschia is such a gorgeous colour, it goes with a parade of different things too. Like the berry toned bag above, this would also be great in adding colour to a neutral outfit in the Autumn/Winter time instead of being completely surrounded by dark, neutral colours. Or it would just add more colour if you're like me and tend to wear any colours at any time of the year! You can find this one here.

Monday, 15 September 2014

A Dainty Blog Hop!

Hello dolls, I hope the weekend was bliss for you. It was so gorgeous here outside, amazing. I spent Saturday by the water & Sunday at a Vintage fair (more on that another day). Today I'm doing a blog-hop for the first time, but I like new things, so I am happy to join in. 

The beautiful Anya nominated me. She blogs over at Anya Adores Design, she's a absolutely gorgeous gal, I do believe her blog was one of the very first blogs I started reading & she was one of my first subscribers too (long time ago now) I've greatly enjoyed how her blog has changed and evolved over that time as well. Adding more of her own photography work (she's a marvellous photographer) and I always enjoy seeing her sweet beautiful family too. She always makes me want to visit Copenhagen as well :)

Anyways, for the blog hop, I was asked 4 questions, here's my answers!! My photo above is also joining in Share In Style for trousers or skirts, so feel free to join in on Sacramento's blog

Have a sweet day dolls :)
Loves & Loves

Why Do I write? 
I started my blog years ago with no real direction as to what I wanted to write about. I just posted here and there randomly. Then I was going to just delete it as I didn't really think it was interesting. I left it for a bit, people started commenting and following my blog, then I got inspired to keep going with it. I began writing about things that interested me, Art, music, world issues. I then decided that I didn't just want to write a blog, I wanted this to sort of have an entity of it's own, be more like a place - 'A Dainty Dolls House' to come to, daydream in, create and maybe make a difference. Usually when we don't feel well, we go home. Home is meant to be the place that makes us feel good, so I wanted to radiate that. A place where I could talk about women's issues, being a feminist, showcase different women from around the world and what they do, share my love of art, positivity, love, things I felt were being left out. Blogs when I started (and even still now) are overly saturated with clothes and fashion, but not necessarily in a positive way. I often see the same looking girls on each blog (and promoted by shops) so when I decided that I needed to feature other bloggers or women in general, I wanted to find the ones that were different or those I felt were being ignored due to age, looks, size, race or whatever else. This blog is a complete champion for the underdog, the ignored, the ones that don't feel they measure up to society, 'misfits', because I feel they do, they just have to believe in themselves or have someone believe in them! And from time to time I try and take a step out from behind the curtain myself :)

What am I working on?
At the moment, now that I have conquered potty training with my youngest & she's in school for half days, I'm crazy busy making things, love crafting. I've been making brooches, I made a fascinator or two for the first time, I want to make cute rings - all kinds of different things, might have a shop, will see. I just enjoy creating and being creative, as that's what is in me to be. Might get back into my photography as well when I can too :) 

How does it differ from others in it's genre?
I have no idea, haha! I guess I don't really have a specific genre, I don't tend to stay in one box of topics or ideas, I pretty much like to bounce around and post different things here and there. I know there are a lot of blogs obsessed with only blogging about the things that will make them popular or their numbers go up, but to be honest, I'm not really bothered about all of that. I can honestly look at my blog and say, 'yes, this is me'. I am giving my readers me in essence. I have no fronts or agendas to hide behind, I wear my heart on my sleeve, so maybe that is how it is different in some way, haha. I can't really say, I'm just me, so that is what people get, haha. 

What is my writing process?
Hmm...I get ideas when I'm asleep about everything in my life, I carry a notebook with me everywhere. I've been that way since a child. I get inspired by the slightest thing, so I just tend to see where it takes me. I sometimes have like 5 posts ready to go because I create them as I think of them. Sometimes, I do a post just before it's published. I prefer it that way, just write what comes to my mind, what I daydream about, what I see in my head. So it's never forced, everything is natural.

I also have to nominate two people to do this as well! So I nominate:

My 1st nominee is Kim from A Very Sweet Blog - Everyone already knows that I love Kim, she's just a fantastic person, very genuine and kind. She's one of the people that make blogging fun, a darling she is! 

My 2nd nominee is Jenny from She Loves Dresses - like Kim, she is one of those friends I'll have for the rest of my life. We have so much in common, we could be twins in a way, haha. We're both passionate about the same issues of the world and crazy for vintage dresses like no one else!