Friday, 18 April 2014

{Dainty Label} Swinging Chicks

Happy Good Friday dolls!! I hope you've had a wonderful week :) Sometime ago I was browsing around on Facebook pages & I discovered 'Swinging Chicks' a gorgeous and colourful collection of dresses all handmade in Galicia, Spain. Not only did I love the colours and vintage feel to them, but I also loved that I could easily wear them during the day or night. Add your own touch of accessories and creativity to each dress to fully make it your own.  No matter what size you may be, they can have you dolled up & looking wonderful. Since the warmer weather is coming for us all, these are perfect for being out in the sunshine in, the only problem I have is trying to figure out which dress I like more!! So adorable they are. Which one do you like?? You can see more on their website...have a wonderful & blessed  Easter weekend dolls.

Loves & Loves

~ Swinging Chicks ~

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Wednesday, 16 April 2014

To these I Confess.....

Happy Wednesday darling dolls!! I hope your week is faring well so far!?! The weather has been boosted here & it's been sunny every day this week...long may it continue. I hope the sun has been shining for all of you as well. A long while ago I got tagged to do one of these (I have a lot of tags to do, so I will try and get to them all as I can). I am not good at talking about myself, so I hope these aren't too bad. I do love answering questions, so if any of you ever want to ask me anything, feel free to do so. As requested for more 'personal' posts, I am going to try and do more of them here and there! 

Have a great day my dollfaces

1. I decided to be brave & entered a Street Style competition of Rokit Vintage - if you could be so kind & give my picture a like if you have a facebook account (as it's connected to facebook) I'd really appreciate it very much. I don't enter these things normally, but I'm trying to be more brave. You just hit the link to like my picture - Here 

2. I'm extremely timid & nervous meeting people for the first time to the point I feel ill. But, once I'm there, I'm ok & a bit crazy ;-)

3. I tear up when others cry, even if it's on tv, in a book, on the street. I can't watch these shows that surprise people with money or lost relatives, I'm in tears before it begins.

4. I like up-cycling/making things, I'm always keeping scraps of fabrics, buttons and other objects to create something new. 

5. I'm a Christian, I believe in God. I read my Bible. This doesn't mean I will judge you, it just means I will love you as you are...despite what  many of the world's 'Christians' may say. I have respect for all beliefs & enjoy learning about them.

6. One day I want to create a garden just like the one in the movie/book 'The Secret Garden' because I love that book so much! Over-flowing with flowers. I'll also have peacocks & bunnies in there too. (I'll keep them safe) ;-)

7. Contrary to the lovely compliments I get through my blog & in real life, I grew up as the 'ugly duckling' & used to get teased a lot. It took a long time to be able to look at myself & not see that girl that got picked on.

8. I hope to live a life that inspires others, even if it's only one person. I don't want to live to serve myself, I rather make a difference.

9. I love all things vampire - books, shows, movies! I could watch The Lost Boys, Queen of the Damned & others over and over.

10. I like sports, I watch football (soccer) with my husband, I used to play field hockey growing up. I once fractured my foot playing football but went on to score a few goals and block some before being taken off the field.

11. I love houses with bright colours in them, it reminds me of being in art museums. The only room I like neutrals in is my livingroom/media room because I like to relax when reading or watching movies. 

12. Alexander McQueen is one of my favourite designers, his work is like fantasy meets reality, out there and amazing. Just a shame he's no longer here with us. I would sell all my clothes to have one of his couture creations.

13. With the birth of both of my daughters, I had no pain relief. I actually walked my oldest to school (3 blocks) the day I gave birth. I just kept a positive mind & did what I needed. 2 pushes - all done! (Thank God).

14. I hope to one day travel & see countries like Brazil, Spain, Cuba, Mexico & Japan. 

15. I once got Pharrell Williams' song 'Happy' stuck in my head for a week, it even woke me from sleep playing in my head & dreams...I would wake up thinking...'WTF...this is not making me happy!! Haha...but it is a great song, just not on repeat for a week ;D 

16. I love the small things in life that people usually pass by, flowers growing out of buildings, clouds shaped like hearts, when random people start talking to me on the street, Makes days better. 

17. I went to a gig (concert) once to see a friend's band play and this man said hello to me from a relatively dark spot in the room & I thought he looked familiar, but it didn't dawn on me until mid-show that it was the lead singer of Snow Patrol & I let out a shriek. He was nice anyways, ha!

18. I am a freak for offices, stationary and all the stuff that goes in them. I'd be well happy with my own office with all the gadgets in it.

19. Females that don't support other females irritate me & I'd like to give them a slappin'. The rights & treatment of women is already messed up without us making it harder for each other. Guys stick together...we should too!

20. The singer James Blunt once kissed me on the face (very near the lips) when my husband and I met him many years ago. I was mortified because people were snapping pictures & saying, 'awww' 

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"And above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it" Roald Dahl